[2021 Speakers]

David Scott & Tori Trimm


Coastalong's 2021 speakers, David Scott and Tori Trimm, are two of the founding members of Unified People, a sustainable apparel brand based in Los Angeles. David heads all design strategy as the Creative Director and Co-founder, and Tori leads all social media content as the Director of Marketing.

With values rooted in philanthropy and ethical production, Unified People's mission is to create quality products that shift away from the harmful practices driving unsustainable mass production, while probing a community of like-minded individuals who are committed to giving back and rallying around important initiatives.

Their Team sources natural and organic materials and keeps production local when possible. All apparel products are knitted, cut, sewn and dyed in Los Angeles. With each collection, Unified People donates a portion of sales to causes they believe in.